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Who is Ms. Annie Lee Purl?

Annie Lee Purl
 Annie Lee Purl 
December 13, 1877 - January 31, 1961

Annie Purl Elementary was named in honor of Miss Annie Lee Purl, a member of the first graduating class of Georgetown High School on May 21, 1892. There were three graduates in the class and she was the Valedictorian. She then went on to further her education at Southwestern University, where she graduated with honors. She began her teaching career at the age of 19. Her career in teaching spanned more than half a century. From 1901 - 1950 she taught and was the Supervising Principal in the Georgetown Grammar School. During all these years of service, she never needed a substitute.

Annie Purl was born in Georgetown on December 13, 1877. She was one of three daughters of the Williamson County Sheriff and Mrs. Henry C. Purl.
"Miss Annie" stated that: "We must find something each child can do well for his own sake. You cannot predict by any stated scale that a child will be a failure. Some children simply need time to grow. We must find where each child needs help and nurture that child."

In 1902 "Miss Annie" helped to start a "Mothers’ Club", for the purpose of petitioning the city to prohibit the driving of cattle across the school grounds, to start a school library, and to purchase supplementary readers for students. In 1924, when the Parent Teacher Association was formed with similar goals and principles, the Mother’s Club affiliated itself with the Texas Branch and became the local Parent Teacher Association.

In 1947 a Magnolia tree was planted on the Grammar school grounds in recognition of her 47 years of love and service. In 1948, the Grammar school was named Annie Purl Elementary School. In 1949, her portrait was hung in the room where she had taught for so many years. In 1950, she retired only to start her own private Kindergarten and First Grade. She taught until she passed away on January 31, 1961.